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IT business has to have some direction, in which it grows the direction for it to reach the best market value like Network and Wireless Build-Out, it has brought to ground. This trends makes the world go round, everyone out there has come to a point whereas they have to adopt it and this shows that IT business has found a good trend it which it can use to attract their costumers, the trends in which makes the life of everyone who is using it to come to a point we call it “an easy life”.

Some of other trends are The Marketing Tech Revolution, Advanced Communications, Strategies Shift Toward Revenue Growth, Business Intelligence and Big Data, Development of the Customized Cloud and many more which can be found on Getting deep into our topic here now in our education world IT has just came with a way of improving the level of teaching, the way assignment are being taken which we can all a trend too in which I can say it connect with the Network and Wireless Build-Out trend because I think every university has got Network and Wireless Build-Out for every student for them to be able to reach on to the tool that they university has assigned them to use. These trends are still growing constantly; these ones are from the year 2012 and obviously this there are still others which are going to be found.

Author: John Ramabele
Editor: Sisa Njombeni




Information technology plays a massive role in the world of business, which has a massive impact of capabilities on people’s lives as well. The knowledge of information technology users breaks the digital divide between the people that don’t understand the basic knowledge of how to operate a simple device. Information technology has also helped businesses in the past and present to improve their scale operation and to expand their scale of operation. Many business connections and business related friendships with other businesses’ are made through internet advertisements in a business-to-business communication.

Information technology plays an important role in business as it increases the efficiency of a business, it also keeps records of the businesses transactions which is used to increase the profit of a business and to minimise the expenses which were recorded through all transactions that have been automatically recorded on the system, by inspecting that as the main approach on how to enlarge the growth of the business.  One of the most useful functions and advantages of information technology is to store large amounts of data. Years and years of individual customer records, transactions, data movements and updates are stored all over company systems to provide the best services to our customers. Therefore we need to formulate their data into information so that it can be used, aggregated, analyzed and displayed in almost any format imaginable, to allow employees to make better decisions about their customers and more importantly about our company.

Data can show customer trends, financial analysis, system response times, profitable customers, anything that you have stored can be displayed in a suitable format. All we would need to do is provide the input, the system would then do the processing, and provide an output. This would free up our time and allow us to perform more relevant work, such as building relationships in the business, making decisions, developing ideas, and providing service to customers.

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. – Richard Branson

Author: Shaquille Buys

Edited by: Thuso Magau


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Technology has bought many changes to the business world; businesses are now able to run their daily activities more efficiently. There are many IT business trends that have helped businesses to work more efficiently specifically we will look at Energy Efficient Data Centres. At first businesses used to struggle in terms of storing and processing large data this process was very expensive and time consuming. This had continued to be a problem up until recently when IT specialists invented energy efficient data centres these data centres use 50% less energy than typical data centres as temperatures increase they use outside air for cooling and build customs servers what distinguishes these data centres from the previous ones which were used is that they provide maximum computer power while taking up minimal energy. Meanwhile the focus in the field of the hardware will shift to micro servers whose increased processor integration improves performance yield Per Watt. These data centres can be very useful when a business has to deliver internal IT services in efficient and cost- effective way.

Most Accounting firms and big businesses are using these data centres and so far they are happy with the outcome of implementing these data these data centres. However looking at the disadvantages of these data centres is that they have high maintance cost and they also require lots of cooling which depends on the temperature outside thus if it is hot they do not cool properly. As we know that most businesses aim is to have less cost and yet get maximum profit these data centres help businesses to achieve this by reducing the electricity cost used for storing data.

Author: Sisa Njomboni

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Date accessed: 26 April 2013

Date accessed:  26 April 2013


In today’s world business are faced with the ever-changing complexities of coping with technology and reaching their customers. Google being the leading search engine website which opens doors to businesses is no stranger to these challenges. Companies rely on data-based information to guide them in making economic decisions.

The advancing challenge for business is to be able to maintain a balance between the revenues and costs. Leading companies today are applying social technologies like joint effort, communication and content management to social networks. Businesses are being radically changed as leaders re-evaluate the operating process and capabilities with a social attitude to find new ways to create more value, faster.

Organizations set out domestic blogs that allow employees to broadcast and push interests, ideas and knowledge on the entity. Social networks have shifted organizations in a dynamic way by providing a vehicle for discovering, growing and transmit greater ideas.

Above social control and listening posts, leading organizations are establishing blogs to interact with consumers and the marketplace via the social networking. Due to this trend, communities can fro and engage around topics based on individual common interests.

People are the core of business. The balance of power has shifted from enterprise to the individual. Companies that adjust their dedication of employees to the interest of their customers via social networking hold the potential to capture the marketplace.

However, technology has made it easier to discover and participate in social networks, but it has not changed customer’s reputation and commitment. Today, each of the technology trends can be evaluated individually.

Author: Thuso Magau

Editor: John Ramabele