Education And Technological Advancements

Posted: May 3, 2013 in IT In Education


Times are moving and people are constantly looking for comparative advantage whether it’s at work or in business ventures, and technological advancements seem the perfect tool. The need to be the best, prompts individuals to seek international degrees and the ones which are offered by the best universities in the world yet at affordable rates.

In our days most prestigious universities offer international degrees thorough distance learning, utilization of computers and internet are vital in making such learning possible. Most universities which offer such programs utilize internet based systems which facilitate the smooth running of lessons, Sakai is one of the many learning systems which is used by more than 350 educational institutions including Oxford University and MIT.

Distance learning has also emerged as a necessity at school levels. There have been considerate improvements in the grades attained by learners who have access to television, radio or social networks like Mxit which is adopted by Study Mate. It uses these tools to offer help to learners at the comfort of their homes, help in education is just a switch away whether television, Mxit or radio.

Technological advancements are constantly breaking boundaries between attainable and unattainable. They have made it possible for almost anyone with any sort of disabilities to receive the education that is offered to the students with no disabilities. Screen magnification software is used by people with visual impairments to access information on computer screens. FM system is a wireless, portable, battery-operated device that uses radio transmission to send auditory signals that can be used by blind students which eliminate the disturbance encountered when using a hearing aid.

Geographic locations or disability circumstances are no longer an obstacle in attaining the best education.

Author: Bongo Fezile Mahlahla

Editor: Shaquille Buys

Date accessed 29 April 2013

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