The Unlawful Truth About Ethics And Information Technology

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Relevance Of Ethics To People In IT


In Information technology we look at people in IT and where they actually draw the line between their work, values and challenges encountered in the IT profession as far as ethics are concerned.

Are ethics in conflict with IT because of the availability and exposure to technology or individuals themselves? According to the online Dissertation written by Sutirtha Chatterjee, “Attitude is strongly influenced by ethical beliefs of the individual and moral intensity of the act meaning that the unethical use of IT is determined by individual factors such as ethical beliefs”.

An Episode on Third Degree (17th April 2013), talked about workers who had access to the Banks database and used it to steal people’s money from their bank accounts. How often does management monitor employees hat have access to significant information to prevent such misconduct?

Applications that we use are also unsafe, for example. Facebook started a programme called Beacon in 2007 that allowed users personal information to become advertisements. Hence we see products being advertised to us on social networks.

As far as email spams and security are concerned we are not protected on the internet as there are hackers. Social networks try to avoid such actions by allowing users to have passwords and privacy policies before adopting an application. With such measures put in place, people are still reluctant to read such policies.

However, besides all the unethical practices there are still a few people who practice ethics in IT. Laws such as banning people from copying and downloading on the internet as well as censoring the content online such as pornography and others.

As these laws are implemented, the question still poses people’s minds. Are we really safe with our personal information online?

Author: Kim Vova

Edited by: Thulani Motha


Unethical behaviour using information technology

Author of the online Dissertation: Sutirtha Chatterjee


Date accessed: 26 April 2013

Read more about Ethics in information technology

Date accessed: 30 April 2013

Third Degree, ETV screened on the 17th April 2013

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