Ever-changing Complexities Of Coping With Technology In Businesses

Posted: May 2, 2013 in IT Business Trends


In today’s world business are faced with the ever-changing complexities of coping with technology and reaching their customers. Google being the leading search engine website which opens doors to businesses is no stranger to these challenges. Companies rely on data-based information to guide them in making economic decisions.

The advancing challenge for business is to be able to maintain a balance between the revenues and costs. Leading companies today are applying social technologies like joint effort, communication and content management to social networks. Businesses are being radically changed as leaders re-evaluate the operating process and capabilities with a social attitude to find new ways to create more value, faster.

Organizations set out domestic blogs that allow employees to broadcast and push interests, ideas and knowledge on the entity. Social networks have shifted organizations in a dynamic way by providing a vehicle for discovering, growing and transmit greater ideas.

Above social control and listening posts, leading organizations are establishing blogs to interact with consumers and the marketplace via the social networking. Due to this trend, communities can fro and engage around topics based on individual common interests.

People are the core of business. The balance of power has shifted from enterprise to the individual. Companies that adjust their dedication of employees to the interest of their customers via social networking hold the potential to capture the marketplace.

However, technology has made it easier to discover and participate in social networks, but it has not changed customer’s reputation and commitment. Today, each of the technology trends can be evaluated individually.

Author: Thuso Magau

Editor: John Ramabele



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