Information Technology And Business Trends

Posted: May 2, 2013 in IT Business Trends


Technology has bought many changes to the business world; businesses are now able to run their daily activities more efficiently. There are many IT business trends that have helped businesses to work more efficiently specifically we will look at Energy Efficient Data Centres. At first businesses used to struggle in terms of storing and processing large data this process was very expensive and time consuming. This had continued to be a problem up until recently when IT specialists invented energy efficient data centres these data centres use 50% less energy than typical data centres as temperatures increase they use outside air for cooling and build customs servers what distinguishes these data centres from the previous ones which were used is that they provide maximum computer power while taking up minimal energy. Meanwhile the focus in the field of the hardware will shift to micro servers whose increased processor integration improves performance yield Per Watt. These data centres can be very useful when a business has to deliver internal IT services in efficient and cost- effective way.

Most Accounting firms and big businesses are using these data centres and so far they are happy with the outcome of implementing these data these data centres. However looking at the disadvantages of these data centres is that they have high maintance cost and they also require lots of cooling which depends on the temperature outside thus if it is hot they do not cool properly. As we know that most businesses aim is to have less cost and yet get maximum profit these data centres help businesses to achieve this by reducing the electricity cost used for storing data.

Author: Sisa Njomboni

Edited by: Fezile Mahlahla


Date accessed: 26 April 2013

Date accessed:  26 April 2013

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