Impact of IT in Businesses

Posted: May 2, 2013 in IT Business Trends


Information technology plays a massive role in the world of business, which has a massive impact of capabilities on people’s lives as well. The knowledge of information technology users breaks the digital divide between the people that don’t understand the basic knowledge of how to operate a simple device. Information technology has also helped businesses in the past and present to improve their scale operation and to expand their scale of operation. Many business connections and business related friendships with other businesses’ are made through internet advertisements in a business-to-business communication.

Information technology plays an important role in business as it increases the efficiency of a business, it also keeps records of the businesses transactions which is used to increase the profit of a business and to minimise the expenses which were recorded through all transactions that have been automatically recorded on the system, by inspecting that as the main approach on how to enlarge the growth of the business.  One of the most useful functions and advantages of information technology is to store large amounts of data. Years and years of individual customer records, transactions, data movements and updates are stored all over company systems to provide the best services to our customers. Therefore we need to formulate their data into information so that it can be used, aggregated, analyzed and displayed in almost any format imaginable, to allow employees to make better decisions about their customers and more importantly about our company.

Data can show customer trends, financial analysis, system response times, profitable customers, anything that you have stored can be displayed in a suitable format. All we would need to do is provide the input, the system would then do the processing, and provide an output. This would free up our time and allow us to perform more relevant work, such as building relationships in the business, making decisions, developing ideas, and providing service to customers.

A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. – Richard Branson

Author: Shaquille Buys

Edited by: Thuso Magau


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