Factors Leading To Unethical Behaviour

Posted: May 2, 2013 in Relevance Of Ethics To People In IT


Ethics are principles which govern people’s behaviour. A person who behaves ethically is one who lives according to the principles given to them by the society. Ethics are expressed in statements of behaviour.

There are certain factors which lead to unethical behaviour in the IT world, some of which includes:
> Self Regulation.
> Mandatory Participation.
> Deception.
> The right to know.

SELF REGULATION > Self regulation has to do with the inner person. An individual has to behave in a right manner before having to be told so, this rely on the conscience of a person and if you lack such, you turn to behave unethically.

MANDATORY PARTICIPATION > It is compulsary for people to give honest references when it comes to using someone’s information. Some people end up taking advantage of this matter in a way that they do not participate fairly and with a clean conscience, they use information as if it’s their own.

DECEPTION > People are not giving true intentions and this result in audience being misled. It is a situation where by you are being deceived, not told the truth and made to believe that whatever is said is true.

A RIGHT TO KNOW > In this case you might be having access to things such as pin codes, knowing how things (systems) are used, you know what is collected, the storage and for how long it will be kept.
I think this also applies to a situation in which you are computer literate and you using your knowledge to manipulate documents such as Identity Documents, Licenses, Study records or any other

LAWS > Laws are being given around the world in relation to this matter. Some of which includes a lawful and fair collection of data, accuracy and appropriate security measures.

Author: Kelebogile Mokwena
Edited by: Koketso Sithatu

*Communications of AIS, Volume7 Article4
*Research Ethics in information Systems: Would a Code of practice helf?
By> R.Davison, N.Kock, K.D.Loch and R.Clarke

http://slideshare.net/Peter_Woods/a-confucian-approach-to-self-regulation-in-management ethics

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