The Digital Divide in Businesses

Posted: April 30, 2013 in The Digital Divide


The world we live in now depends more on the internet (i.e. a lot of business ideas and transactions take place on the internet). Businesses depend on technology to update their client databases, access government services as well as giving back to the community through Corporate Social Investment (CSI). Being digitally advanced in an enterprise is important and therefore is seen as imperative.

Government initiatives are continuously being designed to create stable and supportive environments in new industries. For the mere fact that small and medium businesses are being left behind due to their location and not having high-speed in terms of being the late majority of technology adoption is has an immediate effect on small and medium enterprises.

The term e-business is used to refer to how the industry, trade and commerce, works using the computer networks that allow companies to link their processing systems and allow for easier  communication between an enterprise, supplier and the partners involved in buying and selling electronic gadgets. This will help the business expand their market and eventually sell in areas that are much more of an advantage to big businesses. Online trading also allows buyers and sellers to interact on real time and also includes commercial benefits such as: improved inventory management, reduce4d processing errors and better customer services.

It is therefore evident that adopting technological advancements in a small or medium businesses has a benefit.

Author: Koketso Seloana

Edited by : Julitha Mekgoe


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